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Dr. Mihaela Pernishka

Dr. Mihaela Pernishka


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Dr. Pernishka is orthodontics and she  graduated dental medicine in 2015 as best of class 2015, and has been awarded as student of the year 2014 in Category “Dental medicine” of Medical University of Sofia. Since 2015 she works as a dentist in the private practice of D-r Pernishki.

Dr. Pernishka extends her knowledge and experience in Orthodontics since 2016 with lots of specialized courses. She works with vestibular fixed technique, aligners, removable appliances- lingual plate and trainers.

Since 2018 she works as a ordinator in Orthodontics at the Center of Integrated Dental Medicine in Faculty of Dental Medicine Sofia. She is a resident in Orthodontics since 2020. Dr. Pernishka is a member of Bulgarian Dental Association, Bulgarian Orthodontic Society, European Orthodontic Society and Bulgarian scientific society of dental medicine. Since 2013 she works as a interpreter from german and english language for Quintessence International Bulgaria and Infodent.


Orthodontic treatment:

1. Transparent railsaligners

2. Fixed vestibular technique – braces

3. By removing devices: preparation of dental arches and occlusion through lingual plate and trainers.

From retainers to clear aligners to invisible, metal, ceramic and micro braces, there are orthodontic treatment options for individuals of all ages.


1. Check-up examination – 60 BGN

2. Cleaning tartar – 150 BGN

3. Check-up package – 250 BGN

Can You Remove Tartar at Home?

How often do we need to visit our dentist?

Your questions will be answered by Dr. Pernishka, you can write an appointment for prevention on the patients’ phone: +359 894 531 553 or by email: contact@i-health.bg

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