i-Health Privacy Policy

I-HEALTH has established its policy of operation based on respect for your privacy with respect to all information we require from you on our website https://www.i-health.bg and in other sites or others, with which we operate.

To provide you with our service, we only require personal information when we really need it. We request it in a completely legal and correct manner, having previously notified you and obtained your consent to the collection of your personal information. Of course, we have informed you why we request and collect your personal information and how we will use it.

At I-HEALTH, we retain your personal information for as long as it takes to provide you with the service you want from us. We will protect the data we request and retain in order to avoid unauthorised access, disclosure, use or correction, copying. The goal is to prevent losses and theft.

I-HEALTH does not allow public sharing or sharing with third parties of the information we have collected, except where required by law.

I-HEALTH links to external sites. We have no control over them, and therefore cannot control their content and actions, and accordingly have no responsibility for their privacy policies.

We understand if you do not accept our request for your personal data and personal information, if we cannot fulfil the services you desire.

If you choose to use our website and continue to do so, it will mean that you have accepted our actions and Privacy Policy for personal data and personal information. You can contact us without hesitation if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data and information.

The policy is valid from 2019-10-01

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