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Nikolay Nenov, pharmacist and expert in the field of healthy eating

Nikolay Nenov, pharmacist and expert in the field of healthy eating

pharmacist and expert in the field of healthy eating
  • Skills :
    consultations and creation of a personal nutritional plan
  • Address Info :
    Sofia, Simeonovsko shose 45


Education and Specializations

Nikolay Nenov is a pharmacist and a proven expert in the field of healthy eating and dietary supplements, with a wealth of professional experience. He graduated with a degree in “Pharmacy” from the Medical University of Plovdiv in 2009. He holds certificates as a specialist in healthy eating and dietary supplements.

Practical Experience

Nikolay Nenov has over 14 years of practical experience in the pharmacy sector and more than 7 years of experience in creating individual dietary regimens. As an experienced pharmacist, he provides valuable guidance and advice regarding drug interactions, proper use of medications, and alleviating symptoms of acute and chronic diseases. He participates in workshops and seminars on healthy eating, the use of dietary supplements, and pharmaceutical care.

Nikolay Nenov develops personalized nutrition programs tailored to the individual needs, goals, and health conditions of each patient. He offers professional advice on the selection and use of dietary supplements aimed at improving the health and physical activity of the patients he works with.

Practical Interests

He is the creator of the YouTube channel ‘Healthy is Wealthy,’ which focuses on healthy eating and the use of dietary supplements. Through his channel, he provides valuable advice and information that helps his viewers make informed decisions about improving their health.

He actively writes articles and publications filled with useful information, scientifically based facts, and practical advice in the fields of healthy eating and dietary supplements. His articles are available in both Bulgarian and English.


You should allow 60 minutes for your initial consultation (if you have a complex medical history then you may wish to book an extended consultation)

  • Initial consultation and creation of a healthy nutritional plan: 60 BGN, excluding VAT, one-time fee.| 60 minutes
  • Follow-up consultation: 40 BGN, excluding VAT, one-time fee| 30 minutes
  • Program for building healthy eating habits: 80 BGN, excluding VAT, monthly


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