04.05.2022 - Online discussion on ``Diabetes and neurological problems``

14.04.2022 - Online discussion on ``Diabetes and eye diseases`` with Dr. Iveta Nedeva, MD, endocrinologist and Dr. Veronika Bacheva, ophthalmologist

31.03.2022 - Online discussion on ``COVID-19, Diabetes and Telemedicine`` with Dr. Yavor Asyov, endocrinologis

24.03.2022 - Diabetes and cardiovascular problems - Dr. Maria Kalinkova, endocrinologist and Dr. Blagovest Stoimenov, cardiologist

10.03.22 - Covid, Diabetes and the impact on the kidneys with Dr. Maria Kalinkova and Dr. Ivelina Marinova

24.02.22 - How COVID-19 Impacts People with Diabetes Dr. Kalinkova, endocrinologist

17.02.22 - Diabetes during the Covid-19 pandemic: Why should diabetics visit an endocrinologist? Dr. Kalinkova, endocrinologist

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