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Personal Health Assistant

Personal Health Assistant

Виртуален асистент

Personal Health Assistant

The busy lifestyle of today has made a challenge out of taking care of our health, especially when it comes to prophylaxis and checkups not associated with a current concern or illness.

Everyday stress from long nights at the office, short deadlines, trying to balance work and personal life, combined with food low on nutrients and vitamins leads to increased health risks.

Enter our Personal Health Assistant, here to help you keep your, and your family’s, health in sight. To make it so that you don’t cringe each time you think of setting an appointment with your doctor or need to get lab tests done.

The Personal Health Assistant will be there for you to help you manage all communication with the clinics, doctors, and labs. To make sure you only have to make one quick call to get things done, and be reminded when the time for your appointment comes.

As an additional service, our Personal Health Assistant can accompany you to the clinic or laboratory in order to help with communication.

The services included are

  • Direct line to one of our Health Assistants
  • Healthcare calendar management for prophylaxis and planned checkups
  • Appointment setting with our partner clinics and laboratories
  • Possibility to accompany you to the clinic to facilitate communication
  • Preparation of individual treatment plan
  • Appointment reminder over SMS or Viber
  • Chatbot - automated service for appointment setting and cancelation

Working hours

  • Monday to Friday - 8:00 to 19:00 hours
  • Saturday and Sunday - 9:00 to 18:00 hours
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