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Health Prevention & Check-up packages

Health Prevention & Check-up packages

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Health prevention is a complex service that involves proactive care for our health.

Preventive Health Check-ups facilitate the Preservation of wellness and prevention of illness, thus ensuring health and savings in the long run. Let’s prevent diseases rather than cure. Early diagnosis is a key to treat potentially serious health conditions. So, start saving your crucial time with personalized preventive health checkups.

The necessity of taking charge of your health cannot be overstated, and routine preventive health assessments can facilitate this process.

Early diagnosis and management of various medical conditions can significantly enhance treatment outcomes.

Regular health examinations and tests can play a crucial role in achieving this.

The health prevention packages are divided by age and gender. Cover the prevention of most socially significant diseases – cancer, cardiology, vascular, gastroenterological, reproductive diseases and more. They include both diagnostic and consultative examinations by various specialists, laboratory tests.

Prevention packages include standard indicators, tumor markers, virological diagnostics, and imaging tests – including highly specialized ones, and care for your oral health is an integral part of prevention.

The team at i-Health Bulgaria has developed prophylactic dental packages, you can get acquainted with our offer on our Prevention PACKAGES page

We can prepare prevention packages and individual prevention plans for you and your family together with our partners. Acibadem City Clinic UMBAL Mladost, Avicenna Ataşehir International Hospital.

Check-up packages Acibadem City Clinic UMBAL Mladost

  • Standard Check-up package for women up to 39 years old – 1,125 BGN
  • Standard Check-up package for men up to 39 years old – 1,000 BGN
  • Comprehensive Advance Program-Female (over40)  –  1,400 BGN
  • Comprehensive Advance Program-Male (over 40) – 1,300 BGN
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