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Family physician

Family physician

Family physician (FP) or General practitioner (GP) provide care for people of all ages and set annual health calendars for their patients and/or the entire family. GPs treat chronic conditions, evaluate symptoms, offer preventative care, and, based on their assessment, direct their patients to specialists when required.

Family Physicians (FP) General Practitioners (GP) / pick their own work setting – while some work in private cabinets or share spaces with a group of colleagues, others prefer locating their practice at community medicine clinics or hospitals.

The I-Health platform is here to provide personal service for you and your family. Reach out now and get in touch with our partner GPs!

The Family physician/General practitioner (GP) service is focused on Bulgarian and foreign citizens and their families, located on the territory of the city of Sofia.

Our partners are here to help you assess your medical contrition and receive referrals to specialists, tests in a clinical laboratory, imaging diagnostics and others.

* Health-insured patients: Every calendar year between 1 to 30 June and 1 to 31 December, each health-insured individual has the opportunity of changing their choice of the assigned General practitioner (GP).

*Patients, citizens of other countries of the law union, holding a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), receive health services and products reimbursed by the Bulgarian health insurance system in the same amount as for health-insured Bulgarian citizens.

*Patients who do not have an EHIC, but have health insurance from a Foreign Insurance Companies, pay their payment in full according to an accepted price list and receive a corresponding financial document, which they should provide to their insurer for reimbursement.

Patients who do not have health insurance pay the full cost of the treatment.

Our partners

Dr. Teodora Marinova –Family physician/General practitioner (GP)

General Practitioner, XIV Medical Center (MC)

Phone: +359 886 122 888


Skills: Consultations, Checkups, Immunisations, Official Med. Documents, etc.

Address: Sofia City, Triaditsa Area, Dr. Stefan Sarafov 7 Str., XIV MC, Fl. 1, Cabinet №18



Dr. Teodora Marinova possesses 25 years of professional experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. After beginning her specialization in General Medicine, she developed her skills and gained experience in a large private practice. Eventually, Dr. Marinova then opened her own practice at the XIV State Medical Center in Sofia, where she welcomes patients of all ages. Whether you’re in need of a new general practitioner, Dr. Marinova is here to provide care and support.


1997 – Dr. Marinova graduated from the Medical University – Plovdiv.

2005 – Dr. Marinova acquired a specialization in Medical Parasitology.

2021 – Dr. Marinova begins her second specialization – General Medicine while working in a large individual practice, serving children and adults.

2023 – Dr. Marinova registers her own primary care outpatient clinic at the XIV Medical Center in Sofia.


Bulgarian Medical Union

The service includes

  • A direct line to one of our GPs
  • Management of the annual health calendar for prevention
  • Consultation for the appointment of an examination with a specialist and issuance of a referral
  • Making of an individual treatment plan
  • Book an appointment with specialist doctors and a clinical laboratory
  • Reminder for review or consultation via SMS/Viber/WhatsApp or specified email

We organise the communication between you and the doctor, indicating the necessary documents for the upcoming examination or procedures.

Price of the service is 50 BGN per hour.

Administrative service is 100 BGN.

Paid services for patients without health insurance and foreign citizens temporarily residing in Bulgaria

  • Primary Examination / Health Check - 50 BGN
  • Secondary Examination / Health Check - 35 BGN
  • Online consultation - 25 BGN
  • Muscle Injection - 10 BGN
  • Intravenous Injection - 8 BGN
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)- 12 BGN
  • Venous Infusion - 10 BGN
  • Bandage - 6 BGN
  • Stitches Removal - 8 BGN
  • Blood Sugar Measurement with Glucometer - 5 BGN
  • Ear irrigation - 20 BGN
  • Issuance of Sick Leave Certificate - 20 BGN

Method of payment

Services provided by a General practitioner (GP) are paid according to the practice’s price list. It can be paid once or on a subscription basis depending on the agreed terms. The amounts due are paid on the spot at the General practitioner (GP) or to the bank account of SANOMA EOOD:




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