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Personal Health Assistant

Personal Health Assistant

Тhe Personal Health Assistant or Concierge medicine is a service that helps patients and their families with the organisation and planning of the healthcare calendar individually for each patient and/or the whole family.

A second opinion

If you have doubts about an initial diagnosis or would like to have it confirmed by another specialist, you can request a second opinion. A second opinion (in English and Bulgarian only) is provided by a doctor other than the one treating you. You can request a second opinion from a specialist in the Bulgaria or abroad. A second opinion is covered by your basic insurance.

Through the i-Health platform, we provide personal services suitable for you and your family or business employees.

The “Personal Health Assistant” service is aimed at Bulgarian and foreign citizens and their families, diplomatic missions, embassies, corporate clients (business and non-governmental organisations from Bulgaria and the world).

Our team

Svetlana Sabotinova

+359 88 7887 888

Denis Seifullin

+359 88 6510 721

Teodora Vladova

+359 897 006 767

The service includes

  • Direct line to one of our health assistants
  • Manage your calendar with health care appointments.
  • Consultation to schedule an examination or visit to our partner clinics and laboratories
  • Preparation of an individual treatment plan, coordinated with specialist doctors.
  • Tests in a laboratory or in a place convenient for you (address visits)
  • Booking an appointment with specialist or clinical laboratory/dental lab.
  • Reminder for appointments, or consultation via SMS/Viber/WhatsApp or email.
  • Online pharmacy

We organise the communication between you and the doctor/patient, specifying the necessary documents for the upcoming examination and procedures.

The price of the service is 50 BGN per hour

The administration service is 100 BGN

Additional services

  • Opportunity for the Personal Health Assistant to accompany you to the clinic or laboratory
  • Тranslator
  • Organizing a tests or/and examinations in your preferred destination (home, office, hotel)
  • Hotel reservation, airport transfer hotel-clinic
  • Specialized medical transport
  • EPharma online pharmacy - non-prescription drugs, nutritional supplements and medical cosmetics. Our customers have 5% discount with Epharma online pharmacy, through our platform with promo code IHEALT5%.

Method of payment

The Personal Health Assistant service is paid according to the company’s price list and approved offer. We accept only bank transfers, payments ca be made each time or as a subscription, in accordance with the agreed conditions.


The amounts due are paid to the bank account of SANOMA EOOD:


IBAN: BG48BPBI81701606014140


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