Aftercare and long-term treatment center "St. Sofia"
When your loved ones need care!
After a stroke, heart attack, fractures, and other serious illnesses period could be extremely difficult for patients and their loved ones. That is why we made the Aftercare and long-term treatment Center to be inside of the MHAT "St. Sofia"`s building. And it has become synonymous with comfort, security, and tranquility.

Metropolitan Hotel Sofia
Metropolitan Hotel Sofia will be providing comfort for foreign patients in partnership with i-Health - the first web-based platform for health tourism in Bulgaria. The patients will visit our country for dental procedures, preventive and specialized examinations.
диабет и бременност
When you are pregnant, you can develop high blood sugar levels (so-called gestational diabetes), even if you have never had diabetes before. The exact cause of gestational diabetes is not yet known. One reason could be that the hormones released by the placenta, which help the baby grow, prevent the insulin from working properly in the mother’s body.
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