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i-Health is the first web platform for medical tourism in Bulgaria

The first web platform for medical tourism in Bulgaria i-Health launched on the 1st of October 2019.

With the idea of being a navigator in the digital world of healthcare, the portal affirms a new approach in the provision of medical services from select healthcare facilities and laboratories, chosen according to certain criteria such as good medical practice, modern equipment and proven specialists.

The platform is part of the portfolio of SANOMA, a company focused on providing healthcare solutions based on integrated information systems and services that facilitate the interaction and communication between healthcare facilities and patients.

“Our focus is to provide Bulgarian and foreign patients with access to quality healthcare services and the ease of making a faster and more informed decision about their health needs,” says Svetlana Sabotinova, Manager of SANOMA Ltd. “The social role of the platform is also focused on building sustainable development of medical tourism in Bulgaria, with our main priority being the commitment to the quality of the services provided to the benefit of the public,” she adds.

Seeking and offering specialized treatment abroad has a growing trend, offering specific medical services and packages for procedures aimed at foreign patients and clients. Combining the accessibility of medical services with the professional experience of medical staff, Bulgaria is among the countries that have the potential to become a preferred destination for the so-called medical tourists.

For the time being, the efforts of i-Health creators are focused on citizens from the EU, Canada and US, and subsequently on other markets. Among the most sought-after procedures are dentistry, dermatology, laser eye surgery, cardiology and urology. Based on the agreed terms, patient requests are prioritized. As part of the personalized care, additional services include logistical assistance, hotel accommodation, a menu according to individual needs, and the option to have a translator. The platform also provides first aid from the only specialized medical transport in Bulgaria. Among the trusted partners of the health portal i-Health are hospitals, clinics, specialized health institutions, medical centers, dental clinics, and laboratories that meet the Bulgarian and international standards for service quality.

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