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New combined test antigen COVID-19, Influenza A and Influenza B from our partners City Lab

Комбиниран тест в Сити Лаб

MDL City Lab has a new combined antigen test designed to screen and detect early COVID-19 and / or Flu infection.

The test helps to determine the type of viral infection and to distinguish SARS-COV2, Influenza A and Influenza B virus ANTIGENS. Concomitant infections with other viruses or bacteria do not affect the result.

The test is qualitative and scans the acute phase of the infection when the amount of antigens is high enough.

The medical sample is taken with a special swab from the patient’s nasopharynx, and the result is ready within 2 hours.

The medical examination is conducted at MDL City Lab in Sofia and in Varna, only after presenting personal documents and filling out a questionnaire.

The price of the test is 45 BGN.

If you want test or consultation please call us +359 89 453 1553 or write email: contact@i-health.bg

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