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Aftercare and long-term treatment centre “St. Sofia”

After a stroke, heart attack, fractures, and other serious illnesses period could be extremely difficult for patients and their loved ones. That is why we made the Aftercare and long-term treatment Centre to be inside of the building of MHAT “St. Sofia”. And it has become synonymous with comfort, security, and tranquillity.

Aftercare and long-term treatment centre “St. Sofia”

What we promise:

Aftercare and long-term treatment centre “St. Sofia”


  • 24-hour highly qualified medical and social care and emotional support
  • Multidisciplinary medical team – doctors, nurses, caregivers, rehabilitators, psychologist, social workers
  • Highly specialized examinations and medical care by all necessary medical specialists
  • Stay for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Rehabilitation and kinesitherapy
  • Palliative care for terminally ill patients
  • Specialized pain management – acute, chronic, neuropathic, visceral, joint, muscle pain and neuralgia
  • VIP rooms
  • Room for games and movies
  • Hotel accommodation of the patient’s relatives
  • Daily walks with an assistant
  • Ambulance transport in Sofia and in the countryside, escort, medical team


The team of the Aftercare and long-term treatment Centre “St. Sofia” will be waiting 24/7a at:

104 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: 02/8184 144, 02/8184 145


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