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Dr. Aleksandar Bocevski

Dr. Aleksandar Bocevski

Urologist at Hill Clinic
  • Address Info :
    71 Al. Pushkin blvd., Sofia, 1618


Dr. Alexander Botsevski is one of the leading highly qualified specialists in Bulgaria with the most experience in laser urology. He performed hundreds of bloodless laser surgeries on his own and in a team of benign enlarged prostate with a Green laser. His scientific interests are in the field of one-day bloodless prostate surgery and treatment of prostate cancer. He has a number of publications in medical journals in Bulgaria and abroad (including the first Bulgarian to publish in the prestigious magazine The World Journal of Urology), as well as participations in national and international symposia and congresses.

Dr. Alexander Botsevski has extensive scientific and clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant prostate diseases.

Macedonian and English



    • He graduated with a degree in Medicine from the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria in 2001.
    • In 2007 he acquired a specialty urologist at the urological clinic of the University Hospital for Active Treatment (UMHB) Alexandrovska.
    • Until now - specialist urologist at Hill Clinics.
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